The pending MLB debut of uber-prospect Stephen Strasburg has all sorts of implications, not the least of which being the Nationals will soon have a reason to market to someone other than Phillies fans. The folks at are campaigning to have the humble town of Strasburg, VA renamed “Stephen Strasburg, VA”. Which, I suppose, sounds slightly better than “Cristian Guzman Village”.

As a town we’d like to welcome Mr. Strasburg to the area and invite him to visit our great community which serves as the gateway to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Should the new National decide to visit us sometime this summer the Town Council would honor him by drafting a resolution to rename our town “Stephen Strasburg, Virgina.”

Seeing as he hails from a city nearly 3000 miles away, we’d like to give Stephen a real “hometown” welcome on the back of a fire truck complete with a parade and police escort. We’d also like to offer Mr. Strasburg to throw out a pitch to our new local baseball team which would be henceforth known as the “Stephen” Strasburgs.