Looks like Slipknot will have to find another corporate partner for their next tour, if the following press release culled from Maury Brown’s Biz of Baseball is to be trusted :

Major League Baseball Properties (MLBP) and its MLB Authentic Collection announced today that the music marketing program œAccess To The Show are returning to Linkin Park™s Projekt Revolution Tour for all 23 dates kicking off on Wednesday, July 16 at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA and running through the end of August.

MLBP will be the sole professional sports league sponsor of this summer™s Projekt Revolution Tour and will receive exclusive branding rights for the MLB Authentic Collection in tour advertising and marketing materials as well as Second Stage sponsorship, bringing together music and baseball in a festival environment. The sponsorship gives MLBP access to Linkin Park and other Projekt Revolution bands for participation in a wide array of activities, including interacting with fans at the MLB Road Show batting cages. The MLB Authentic Collection will also be featured in a national retail relationship with Champs Sports, the official retail destination for œAccess to the Show through its 600 US-based stores.

“We’re psyched to team up once again with our friends at Major League Baseball,” says Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. “We want the tour to be more than just a series of concerts, and having MLB involved adds another level of excitement to the Projekt Revolution experience.”

Cynics amongst you will chock this up as a case of Dumb meets Dumber, but I prefer to look at the pairing as somewhat analogous to MLB’s work in Compton.  If big league baseball can do outreach work in the black community, surely they should be allowed to make overtures to America’s goateed?  At present, dudes in backwards caps make up less than 15% of baseball’s fan base, a figure which must send a chill down the spine of Commisioner Durst Selig.