The addition of Luis Gonzalez to the duo of Jack Buck and Tim McCarver for Fox’s NLCS coverage might be the only circumstance where drowning out Buck might not represent an improvement. From the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman.

Gonzalez, who came highly touted, was mediocre – and that’s being kind.

He stated the obvious (“Albert Pujols is one of the best hitters in the major leagues”), was confusing (he called an 84-mph Tom Glavine pitch “a fastball”) and elected not to counter some of McCarver’s questionable analysis.

For instance, in the third inning, when Shawn Green was called out on a force at second base even though David Eckstein dropped the ball. McCarver said the call was correct because the shortstop “was in the act of throwing” to first, trying to get Glavine, who had laid down a bunt. Two replays showed that the call was questionable.

Gonzalez could have chimed in, but did not. Perhaps someone at Fox should tell him he is being paid to talk. Not sit on his microphone.

While I thought Gonzalez was utterly useless on Saturday, I can’t indict him for making the same statement countless others (including other broadcasters and players) have made. Tom Glavine’s “fastball” really does travel at something approaching 84 mph.