From all accounts, this couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

OK, that’s not true. It probably could’ve happened to a more talented guy, however. From the NY Daily News’ Lloyd Grove.

Maybe rocker Scott Stapp – former front man for the very pious Christian rock band Creed – was possessed by Satan when he showed up for a taping of the Spike TV show “Casino Cinema” on Tuesday afternoon.

According to multiple sources on the set, the 32-year-old Stapp appeared intoxicated when he arrived at the show’s upper East Side studio and proceeded to terrorize hosts Beth Ostrosky and Steve Schirripa, the producers and the crew members alike with his boorish and vulgar antics on- and off-camera.

Stapp – who just released his first solo album, “The Great Divide” – was there as a guest co-host on the weekly program, which plays a movie with intermittent breaks of studio chatter and interactive casino games.

“From the moment he walked into the studio, he was rude, belligerent and drunk,” reports a Lowdown spy. “With Beth, he was nothing but extremely mean, sexist and an all-around jerk.”

Another source says that even with his publicist in tow, Stapp cursed “every other word,” called a female executive producer a “b-,” constantly flipped the bird, and referred to Ostrosky – better known as Howard Stern’s longtime girlfriend – as a “bimbo.”

Stapp also couldn’t resist taking swipes at his more famous rock colleagues. “I met [U2’s] Bono and The Edge, and Bono was an a- to me,” he declared, before insulting Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl’s manhood as “freaking little.”

When a crew member accidently bumped into him on the set and quickly said he was sorry, Stapp snapped, “Yeah, you better f-ing be.”

I do have to wonder under what possible context Stapp — regardless of how toasted — would have occasion to discuss Dave Grohl’s cock, but perhaps this was just his noted brand of free association.