Former Mets starter Kris Benson (above, left)— whose Flushing tenure was more notable for the tabloid appearances of former wife Anna (above, right) — claims his ex-spouse broke into his Smyra, GA home on Monday. The NY Daily News’ Corky Seimaszko writes that Benson donned a bulletproof vest for the occasion.

Anna Benson, who was arrested for trying to rob her husband at gunpoint of $30,000, said the vest was a new model and she was “testing” it for the company, according to a police report obtained Tuesday.

Benson, who is now cooling her high heels in an Atlanta-area jail and has been charged with a raft of crimes, also told police “she didn’t understand why we were making such a big deal out of this,” the report states.

Benson said in the report his wife was “screaming and out of control” and feared she might shoot him. He said he told her the money was in his wallet, but instead of fetching it he high-tailed it to the woods and called the cops.