(Grandpa Al Davis, perhaps the ultimate roommate?)

The San Siro of Northern California? The SF Chronicle’s Philip Matier and Andrew Ross report there’s been talks between the 49ers and Raiders about occupying a new stadium together.

The stadium could very well could be in Santa Clara, where the Niners are pursuing new digs next to Great America.

Wild as it may sound, the economics for a Forty-Raider stadium just could make sense for both teams.

For starters, the 49ers — after nearly 10 years of trying — still haven’t found a stadium plan that pencils out financially given that football is only played about 10 times a year.

Hooking up with the Raiders for a stadium would instantly double the usage and could make financial sense.

Plus, the teams could get a big boost from the National Football League, which this past season agreed to kick in $300 million to the New York Giants and Jets to build a joint stadium at New Jersey’s Meadowlands.

The thinking goes that if the Niners and Raiders could get a similar handout from the NFL — and that’s still a big if — it would go a long way to helping them get over the stadium money hump.

As for the Raiders, their current 16-year-lease at the remodeled Oakland Coliseum is set to expire in four years — or about the time the Niners hope to have a new stadium built.

The Raiders, despite upgraded football digs, are still unhappy about playing in Oakland — but currently have few real prospects for moving out of the area again.

What’s more, owner Al Davis — who only recently was forced to spend a bundle to buy out the unhappy heirs of a silent partner — doesn’t have the cash to build a stadium on his own, sources say. And given his past battles with the NFL, he doesn’t appear to have many friends in the league looking to do him any big favors.

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