(Zeke and his new hire crack up while watching a tape of Jamal Crawford trying to defend)

Leave it to the Daily News’ acerbic Bob Raissman for finding the most thrilling moments from yesterday’s coronation of Larry Brown.

Larry Brown sat at the end of a table, holding a WFAN microphone, listening to Joe Benigno deliver a stern lecture on how recent Knicks teams have never made a commitment to defense.
Brown was making the rounds from radio to TV to print interviews yesterday at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, where the inevitable – his coronation as Knicks coach – occurred and reality began sinking in.

As Benigno rapped, his partner, Sid (Sidiot) Rosenberg, pointed to some kind of electronic board in front of him. The light on this gizmo had gone dark.

“Are we off the air now?” Benigno asked.

A serious-looking guy, holding a telephone, nodded yes. He looked at a technician who was fingered for the sudden silence. Brown surveyed this bizarre scene and smiled.

“You guys make mistakes like I make mistakes,” Brown said.

The line broke the tension. The techie and his serious colleague commenced their attempt to get the show back on the air. Sidiot started yapping about his beloved Brooklyn.

He asked Brown about his Brooklyn days and where he grew up.

“I would have gone to Midwood (High School) …” Brown said.

“My sister went to Midwood,” Rosenberg said.

Benigno: “Are we back on the air yet?”

They were not.