(if you’re gonna interrupt Bill Webb’s nap, you’d better have a legitimate beef).

Comparing Willie Randolph to “one of those talk-show callers who are so fond of ripping him”, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman takes a dim view of the Mets skipper’s complaints Fred Wilpon’s SNY has conspired to make him look bad.

Randolph’s words, coming after the clouds of controversy had lifted, again make the Mets “big” news for the wrong reason. As those clouds were passing, Randolph decided to seed them. Then again, the underlying reasons for his SNY commentary could have much to do with the distrust and distaste that some, on the team side, have for the network.

“They are simply a pain in the (butt) to work with,” one Mets insider said.

Still, in the interview, Randolph came off as overly sensitive, even paranoid.

Randolph’s obsession with this is troubling. Is he returning home after every game and reviewing tape of SNY’s coverage?

The manager’s critique of the network doesn’t reflect reality. If any suit ever told veteran director Bill Webb to make Randolph, or any manager or player, look bad he would blow cigarette smoke in his face and tell the guy to “go blow smoke out your —-.”

Randolph’s complaint about being portrayed in a negative light is nonsense. Tune in to any baseball telecast and it goes something like this: Team A hits home run. Director calls for a shot of Team A manager who is happy. Then director calls for shot of Team B, whose manager looks ticked. Duh, they all work from a similar production blueprint.

Randolph must not have checked out Saturday’s telecast when SNY’s cameras zoomed in on him patting Billy Wagner on the butt after the Mets’ 7-4 win over the Yankees.

Randolph complains he’s not seen “schooling” his players on TV, well, perhaps the most memorable image SNY has ever presented? Randolph, last July in Houston “schooling” Jose Reyes after he pulled him out of a game with the Astros for not running out of the box because he thought the ball was foul.