“Tony Dungy has a history of passing judgment on others and criticizing their life-styles,” writes the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman in response to the recent firestorm over the former Colts head coach taking umbrage at Rex Ryan’s liberal use of expletives when addressing his squad. “Using the cover of his religious beliefs, he’s preaching intolerance and inequality,” argues Raissman, reminding us of Dungy’s support for the anti-gay marriage movement.

Dungy and the rest of the NFL coaching brotherhood (many who choose not to wear their religion on their sleeve), serve as generals in the cutthroat culture of NFL violence. Please, sir, don’t curse, but do go out on the field every Sunday and try to cripple the guy on the other side of the line. It’s cool. You’re doing this on programming that’s G-rated.

Dungy was part of that culture. A culture that also condones cheating on many different levels. Does Dungy actually believe God alone “blessed” those defensive linemen with freakish, super-sized bodies?

Come to think of it, what’s worse? Encouraging violence or telling someone to go f— himself?

Dungy’s criticism of Ryan comes wrapped in a blanket of hypocrisy. It’s ridiculous, laughable. Still, there ain’t many folks snickering, not many calling Dungy out or ridiculing him. Other coaches with a low tolerance for cussing have been hammered. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have Dungy’s cachet with the media