(google image search is letting the side down, so here’s a more contemporary pic of Larry Lifeless)

Proving once again that the Sickness’ “Regurgitation” isn’t everyone’s idea of a slow dance number, The New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman out-Mushnicks the real thing with the following missive aimed at NBC Sports.

On Sunday, during a Rams-Panthers highlight package, the good folks at “Football Night In America” decided viewers could not live without seeing video of Carolina wideout Steve Smith vomiting into a trash can.

The garbage can was in the vicinity of the Panthers’ bench. This was not a new end zone celebration orchestrated by Mr. Smith, agruably the NFL’s premier receiver. Smith was still feeling the effects of the flu, which hit him one week ago.

Can’t you just hear the producers of “FNIA” discussing the merits of airing Smith barfing? People actually are well paid for making these decisions.

Even Bob (Rapping Roberto) Costas, as he described Smith’s up-chuck, seemed perplexed about his colleagues’ decision to ram the video down America’s collective throat.

I don’t know if Raissman’s aware of the sweeping changes in the entertainment industry, but I’d argue that during an era in which even my parents are capable of watching a TV star commit career suicide on YouTube, the networks are under unusual pressure. Perhaps in Bob’s day, the technicolor yawn wasn’t consider suitable family entertainment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith’s urge to purge formed the foundation for an upcoming major motion picture. I’m pretty certain Shaq’s “Shazam” was launched on less.