A crucial 3 pointer by Steve Nash with 4 seconds remaining last night gave the Sun their first road win of the season, a 113-110 decision over what seems to be a rapidly improving Golden State. Suns Gossip however, has much bigger fish to fry, namely Boris Diaw’s published insistence that he “doesn’t date American women,” he “has them”.

Miss SunsGossip: Boris!
Guard #4: Keep it moving, let’s go!
Miss SG: Boris! Boris! BORIS!!!
Guard #4: [physically restraining Miss SG] LET’S GO!
Miss SG: Boris — let me holla at you! Ay, why did you say — in the book — why did you say you don’t date American women, you only have them? What was that about?
Boris Diaw: I didn’t say that!
Miss SG: That’s what it said in that Jack McCallum book.
Boris: Ah no, he’s lying.
Miss SG: He’s lying? Ok, that’s good to know.
Boris: No, no, no. I meant “date” like not “dating.” Like friends who only date and not somebody else.
Miss SG: [unconvinced/confused] Okaaay… Thank you!
Boris: [smiling and waving] You’re welcome.

Proving yet again that he’s the classiest man in all of professional sports, Utah Jazz kingpin Larry Miller (above) has peddled the naming rights to his team’s arena to a company that maintains nuclear waste facilities. From the Salt Lake Tribune :

“We believe we have found a partner that shares a lot in common with what our company is about,” said Jazz President Dennis Haslam, noting that the Jazz- owning Larry Miller Sports & Entertainment Group had talked to 15 to 25 companies, including bankruptcy plagued Delta, about naming rights for the arena.

He also said Miller Sports & Entertainment had checked out EnergySolutions and was aware of its controversial past, particularly the activities of former Envirocare of Utah executive Khosrow Semnani, who was implicated in a bribery/extortion scandal involving a former state regulator. Nor did Jazz officials have problems linking their company to a hazardous waste disposal facility.

“We have a confidence level with the business practices at EnergySolutions and the business they’re in,” he said. “They are cleaning up the country, and becoming a solution to nuclear energy problems is important.” Larry Miller said any initial concerns he had disappeared after he learned more about EnergySolutions’ business.

“Some people might vaporlock or panic. There’s no need for that,” he said. “The first thing I’d say to anyone who is uneasy or would make a controversy out of it is ‘Find out what you’re talking about’ . . . It’s a safe business and a necessary business based on alternatives going forward.”

Energy Solutions’ CEO Steve Creamer said the decision to acquire the naming rights’ sponsorship was part of an aggressive rebranding campaign designed, in part, to educate the public about the importance and safety of handling low-level radioactive and hazardous wastes.