From the Austin-American Statesman’s William Wilkerson :

Oklahoma RedHawks manager Tim Ireland was suspended for 10 days by the Pacific Coast League on Thursday, one day after he was ejected from his team’s game against the Express. After being tossed in the sixth inning of Oklahoma’s eventual 1-0 loss, Ireland kicked dirt onto the umpires’ shoes and rubbed out the chalk foul line from home plate to the left-field wall. He began serving the suspension on Thursday.

Wilkerson doesn’t specify the name of the umpire in question, probably because he doesn’t know. Consistent with league policy since the begining of the season, replacement umpires during the current work stoppage aren’t being identified, nor are they listed in the box scores.

I was at this game and I’ll not argue that Ireland overreacted. But he might’ve thought an inexperienced umpire had been intimidated into changing a ruling by the opposing manager (Round Rock’s Jackie Moore). Said decision nearly cost the Redhawks the game, and Ireland’s highly entertaining routine seemed to be as much about saving face as anything else.

The following item is from :

The Rangers will recognize Cinco de Mayo on Friday by playing in special uniforms for the opener of their three-game series against the New York Yankees. Made by Majestic and styled after the Rangers’ home uniform, the jerseys will read “Los Rangers” across the chest and feature a commemorative Cinco de Mayo patch on the right sleeve.

Hopefully, Chris Russo won’t think this is an attempt to pander to a Hispanic audience.