From Rush :

This rift cannot be allowed to continue, ladies and gentlemen. It just can’t, and I would like to offer this program as a means of getting these two Americans and star players back together. They may not want to talk to each other face-to-face, but perhaps they would join me on this program and speak to each other telephonically via this program and settle this. It’s silly. They’re adults. They’re being paid millions of dollars to play, basically, a game. I know it’s a high-risk game injury-wise, but the length of time they have to make big money and play this game is limited because it’s athletics. They’re squandering opportunities. They came very close to the Super Bowl last year, and I know Owens has a problem with McNabb about that, he “got tired” at the end, but I think it was a very unfair comment — and these two people need to get back together, and I would like to facilitate that if possible. If Donovan McNabb and Owens would like to appear on the program — not in studio, but telephonically, Owens from his basketball court in New Jersey and McNabb from the Eagles training camp or wherever he wants to call from — I would be more than happy to broker this and put these two guys back together, for the sake of the Eagles, for the sake of the NFC East, and for the sake of the National Football League. I mean, it doesn’t need this kind of stuff, with us being on the verge of the National Football League season. I just wanted to put it out there; let everybody know that I’ve made the offer, and it is a beautiful thing, and I’m standing by. I’m ready.

On one hand, I’m impressed that Limbaugh would offer his time to help settle this dispute. Perhaps he’s aware, as am I, that the news media is desirious that a black wide receiver (in this case, Owens) look bad. Still, I’d think Paul Tagliabue would take a dim view of two of his league’s biggest stars consorting with a known drug trafficker.