I had the good fortune the other day of flipping thru a copy of Mike Edison‘s “I Have Fun Everywhere I Go“, in which the noted musician/scribe regales the lucky reader with tales of his days at Screw, High Times and Wrestling’s Main Event, along with his considerable experience playing in punk bands well-known and otherwise. .

I’ve long had a high opinion of Edison’s work, so I was a mite bit disappointed to read his claims that my brief tenure playing guitar for Hookset, NH’s most beloved singer-songwriter was some sort of power play. Seriously folks, if the Geege would hit Brian Brain in the face with a beer bottle, what were the chances I could manipulate him into letting me in the band?

I have no idea what slights, real or imagined, Edison is still smarting from, but he certainly had ample opportunity back in the day to tell me just how much he thought my guitar work sucked donkey dick.  While it’s high praise that Mike thought I was “brilliant at putting out records”, there’s something kinda wack about reading a member of Sharkey’s Machine claim I had no business being on ’em.

I’m as big a fan of revisionist, self-serving history as anyone — some of my best friends are legends in their own minds —- but I really have to take exception to Edison’s charge that my putting out G.G. Allin records was some kinda stab at “punk credibility”.  If I was really hung up on that sorta thing, I’d have signed these guys instead :