With apologies to the (reformed) Embarrassment, we’re goin’ on a Greenville Sex(ual Assault) Drive! From Sports Illustrated.com (link courtesy Liz Clayton)

A man who played the mascot for a minor league baseball team was arrested after a woman said she was fondled at a game in April.

Cecil McLaurin Amick III, 37, of Boiling Springs, portrays Reedy Rip’It, a giant frog for the Greenville Drive of the Class A South Atlantic League. He faces a misdemeanor charge of molesting.

According to an incident report from the Greenville Police Department, the woman said she and a friend were leaving their seats at West End Field when the mascot grabbed her breast in a stairwell.

She reported it to the team the next day, but she said she could not immediately get Amick’s name, according to the report.

Amick was arrested June 27.

Without diminishing the seriousness of the charges facing Amick, he might want to consider using his one phone call to contact defense attorney Jeffrey Kaufman, who has considerable expertise in handling dude-in-costume-getting-gropey cases.