June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

Tupac is the Marvin Gaye of our times. He was one of the first revolutionaries of rap music. Just like everybody else, I bought every CD he put out. All classics. Me and my potnas used to bump Pac damn near religiously. The one thing about Pac that influenced me the most was his range. His songs touched on everything from the ‘hood to the whole world., Money Waters, as quoted by Rob Clark, Quick

I look forward to the release of the new Tupac album due out very soon and just pray that this album is a true reflection of Tupac and is not a mis-representation. What the public needs to hear is the real Tupac, the way that he recorded it with the producers that he worked with. What we don™t need is today™s artists being mixed with Tupac™s lyrics and producers working on the project that never knew Tupac. – John, Thuglife Army

My parents always tell me how they remember exactly where they were when JFK and MLK died. Most of our generation remembers exactly what we were doing when those planes crashed into the WTC towers. In a similar fashion, I remember exactly where I was when Tupac Amaru Shakur died.

Rest in Peace Tupac. You’ll always be remembered and cherished for your contribution to hip-hop music and culture, as well as to the individual lives of all the people you’ve touched.Hip Hop Linguistics

Tupac wasn’t the Bob Dylan of mid-90s rap; he was more like the Phil Ochs of the gangsta rappers.Joshua Minton

I just read that it’s been a decade since Shakur was gunned down. Somehow this is supposed to be significant.

They say he was some some kind of hip-hop superstar. I wouldn’t know. I can’t tell good hip-hop from bad hip-hop. It all sounds horrible.

The headline on the cover story on today’s Life & Arts section of the paper says “his legacy of art and violence keeps us riveted.”

“Riveted?” One of my wiser colleagues said he doesn’t even feel “mindly sticky.”

Who exactly are these œriveted people? And do any of them read the newspaper?

Paul Bourgeois, Dallas Fort Worth Star-Telegram