Though Dwyane Wade has already been credited with single-handedly taking over yesterday’s Pistons/Heat game, an assist has to go out to…..the Doobie Brothers?

From the Miami Herald’s Israel Guttierrez.

To help lighten the mood in his team’s locker room Sunday afternoon, Riley unexpectedly broke into a 15-minute solo dance performance that easily took his players’ minds off basketball. The tune? An unidentified Doobie Brothers song, possibly, Listen to the Music.

The moves? No one is quite sure how to explain them.

The motivation? It’s all in the mind of Riley.

”There’s a real heaviness to our team,” Riley said. “I’m trying to lighten it up. Because there are so many distractions and so many things going on, there’s been a lot of pummeling, that it’s heavy. It wears on guys.”

”The last thing I expected to see was Pat coming in here and start dancing,” Udonis Haslem said. “And he danced for like a good 15 minutes. I thought he was going to get tired.”

”I never heard the music he was playing in my life, and I’ve never seen the dances he was doing in my life,” Haslem said. “It was definitely nothing of this decade. It was definitely nothing that anybody of this era would know about.”

Despite dropping 4 of their previous 6, Cleveland were the team to end San Antonio’s 9 game winning streak this evening, winning 101-87 at the Legalized Loan Shark Arena. LeBron James scored 44 points on 19 of 33 shooting, his 6th game with 40 or more points this year. The Spurs had almost as many turnovers (18) as Tim Duncan had points (19), which wouldn’t have been so bad if the turnovers had been filled with tasty apple or blueberry.

For the New York Knicks, the commencement of garabage time has now advanced to sometime in the 2nd quarter. Larry Brown’s characterization of Eddy Curry as the Knicks’ “franchise player” might seem insane to anyone who has watched the latter’s erratic play. Unless of course, by “franchise” Brown meant McDonalds.