Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, undaunted by sharing a web home with Jay Mohr and Big Sexy, reports the New York Mets are on the verge of acquiring 17 year veteran IF Jeff Conine from Cincinnati.

Conine, a career .285 hitter has 6 HR’s and 32 RBI’s in 215 at bats for the Reds this season. Or to put it another way, he’s provided similar power to Shawn Green in about 160 fewer plate appearances.

The Journal News’ Peter Abraham, while suggesting the Yankees’ recent release of Mike Myers cost Chien-Ming Wang a trusted pal, says of the pitcher, “my theory is that he™s trying too hard. He is the athletic focal point of an entire nation and all they expect is a perfect game when he pitches.” Aside from the country of Westchester, I understand Wang’s games are closely followed in Taiwan, too.

Jamie Mottram has generated a list of baseball’s most whiff-prone longball threats (ie. The Rob Deer All-Stars), a feast-or-famine collective so exclusive, not even Dave Kingman could crack the ranks.

Surely if anyone is entitled to be stomping around at 260 pounds +, it’s a guy named Boof?

I’ll say this much for Cameron Maybin’s website ; at least he resisted the temptation to co-opt “Don’t Stop Believing”.