Until today, I thought a slider was a tiny, tasty burger sold in great quantities by White Castle. Those following the Winter Olympics, however, aren’t nearly as ignorant (or as hungry) as yours truly. And thanks to yesterday’s practice session crash suffered by 52 year old Anne Abernathy, Luge is receiving more mainstream coverage than it might’ve otherwise.

ESPN Radio’s John Rook weighed in this evening on what he considers the lunacy of allowing an elderly woman to compete in such a dangerous event. Calling for “higher standards” from the I.O.C., Rook grumbled, “let’s face it, this lady should be at home making cookies.”

I’m with Rook on this one. Just as soon as ESPN’s hosts take a similar stand against allowing Roger Clemens or Julio Franco to play in the Major Leagues, I’ll sign whatever petition he wants to circulate.