Who says the Raiders/Broncos rivalry is dead? Oakland’s 11 game losing streak nearly ended yesterday on a 52 yard FG from roofy enthusiast Sebastian Janikowski, but as Signal To Noise explains, Denver’s coach had a trick up his sleeve that even the Hooded Casanova would’ve found distasteful.

Mike Shanahan™s calling a time out in overtime just as Sebastian Janikowski was about to kick the game-winning field goal (and it went right through) was absolute douchebaggery, a bush league move. It™s why he™s Coach Rat Fink to me about half the time.

But as far as gamesmanship goes, it was fucking genius, and since Shanahan is my team™s head douchebag, I have to go with it. Not only is Janikowski kicking from 50+, he™s always had an inconsistent streak a mile wide since his FSU days, and it was a smart move to pull that on him and get him out of his zone. I™m not even sure Shanny even puls that out of his hat if it™s not the Raiders in the first place.

I’m thirsty, he’s just miserable : two weeks, zero catches thus far for Dolphins first round pick WR Ted Ginn.

How desperate are things in K.C.? The Star’s Joe Posnanski argues “it’s time to break the emergency glass, it’s time (for the Chiefs) to bring in Brody Croyle.”

This isn™t just about shaking things up. The Chiefs have lost faith in Damon Huard. There™s no doubt about that. The reason Edwards went with Huard to start the season is because he™s a veteran guy, he™s been there before, he played well much of last year, he supposedly has that mystical ability to, as coaches say, œmanage the game. Edwards had wanted to go with Croyle, but the guy looked dazed and confused all during the preseason. Edwards felt like he had no choice. Croyle was given a chance to win the job. He did not win it. Herm Edwards figured that Huard had been through a few football wars.

œHe gives us our best chance to win right now, Edwards would say.

Well, that quote has been turned inside out. The Chiefs played Sunday as if they believed that Huard had no chance to win the game. You didn™t need Bill Belichick™s secret film crew to predict what that Chiefs™ offense was going to do. The whole offensive game plan was built around draw plays, 3-yard slant passes to Jeff Webb and dump-offs to Kris Wilson. It was surprising that Huard didn™t have training wheels on his shoes.