So says Jessica Hopper’s beloved Sporting News, who today bestowed said honor on the White Sox manager . Would those polled have chosen Ken Macha instead had they known of Guillen’s religious leanings? Either way, I’m keeping my pets inside until after the World Series.

(not the post-game spread in the Chicago clubhouse)

From the Miami Herlad’s Dan Le Batard (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

Is there something you believe in that very few people do?

There are any number of safe and careful places Ozzie Guillen could have gone with this answer when asked during spring training. But the manager of the Chicago White Sox doesn’t do safe and careful. What fun is that? So Guillen didn’t say he believed in everlasting love, second chances or the designated hitter. He settled on this:

”I’ve got a real weird religion,” Guillen said.


”Santeria,” he said.

It’s a bloody religion, imported from Africa. Guillen believes in animal sacrifice.

Heck, if Chicago fans had known it would work like this, they might have endorsed human sacrifice.

You kill animals, Ozzie?

”Back in my country [Venezuela], yes, I do,” Guillen said.

He realized how this sounded and blurted, unsolicited, just in case you didn’t like it:

“Too bad.”

You kill with your own hands?

”I pay people to do it,” Guillen said.

What kind of animals?

”Depends on what you need,” he said.

And finally:

”You bleed, I’m there,” he said.