One of New Jersey’s New York’s two teams showed some semblance of pride and professionalism on Sunday…and it wasn’t Rex Ryan’s J-E-R-K-SThe New York Daily News’ Manish Mehta reports that amongst the en route to a 19-17 loss at nothing-to-play-for Miami, Gang Green captain / WR Santonio Holmes bickered with teammates, and by game’s end, had been benched — without Ryan’s knowledge.

According to several players, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who may have coached his final game with the Jets, decided to take Holmes out during the Jets’ final drive of the game. Holmes, who didn’t have a catch, had a heated discussion with teammates earlier in the second half, two players told the Daily News. They also felt that Holmes “quit” on the team based on his body language. When Holmes’ replacement, Patrick Turner, scored a 10-yard touchdown with 1:24 to go, Holmes sat alone on the bench, motionless.

“I looked out there and was wondering why he wasn’t out there,” Ryan said of Holmes. “I did not bench Santonio.”

But Schottenheimer did.

After the game, Holmes stood in a hallway waiting to walk into a press conference room when Schottenheimer, wearing jeans and a dress shirt, emerged from the coaches’ changing room with a rolling suitcase. The offensive coordinator walked toward Holmes, who looked away. The two men never said a word to each other. Asked whether he believes the embattled Schottenheimer should return as the team’s playcaller in 2012, Holmes offered this cryptic response: “Right now, let’s hope for the best.”