As the good people of Boston (a fine American city with almost a dozen attractive women amongst its residents) prepare for a long, cold winter, the Red Sox will have to address the future status of free agents Johnny Damon, Terry Francona and Theo Epstein. There’s also the chance that trade talks for Manny Ramirez could be re-kindled. But most troubling of all — especially for tavern and restaurant owners across the Bay State — P David Wells might not return.

From the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman. (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“Obviously my health is one issue, but we’ll see what my wife wants to do,” said Wells (above) after the Red Sox were swept out of the postseason by the White Sox last night. “She does all the traveling with my kids, and if she says, `Honey, stay home,’ I wouldn’t fight it off too hard.”

With a home in San Diego and kids aged six and 13, the coast-to-coast trips have taken a toll on his quality of life. His inability to have a personal life here in Boston is also tough.

“This town is really hard to live in,” Wells said. “I couldn’t go out this year. Everyone wants your autograph, wants to take your picture. It’s not fun and me and my family got annoyed by that. Now, I understand why fans do that and that’s never going to change. I do understand that and don’t blame them. The fans here, they’re supportive as anything, but they have to understand us. We go through this (expletive) and wind up having to live like hermits.

“This was the worse I’ve ever seen, ever,” he added. “They’re good fans. It’s hard not to recognize me, I know, but I like to keep to my own.”

Translation : what kind of a big league town doesn’t have a Hooter’s next to the ballpark?