When a certified tinfoil hat-wearing, fraudulent nutjob like Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa takes to the airwaves floating the possibility that James Holmes was “a false flag”, later suggesting this tragedy might’ve been God’s wrath, I don’t honestly expect anyone to take notice.  Not even when the Mad Dog Radio host claims he’d have heroically stopped Holmes’ onslaught with his own gunfire, do the former’s employers find anything nonsensical or creepy about such grotesque grandstanding. Sadly, if Dino is out-to-lunch-as-usual, he’s got some company at the fucktard table.  When a former elected offical asks, “where were the men of flight 93????”, I’m going to take an extremely wild guess that they all perished when Flight 93 crashed.

Given the paucity of licensed firearms carriers in our cinemas, perhaps now would be a good time for pontificators like Costa and Sen. Pearce to consider new lines of work?  The latter’s currently out of the office and the former is a year away from standing alongside the highway with a sign reading “WILL PODCAST 4 FOOD”, so they’ve got little to lose.

1) Assemble an arsenal.
2) Get some enterprising FIT grad to design appropriate super hero costumes (nothing too swishy for Dino, thanks, he’d prefer a cowboy motif).
3) And with that, these incredibly courageous men can patrol the nation’s multiplexes, ready to eliminate the godless, the goth-y, and or course, THE GOVERNMENT PLANTS,  with extreme fucking prejudice!