A new internet database shows exactly who’s been getting the billions of dollars in farm subsidies given out by Uncle Sam.

NBA superstar Scottie Pippen (above) got $289,000. Late Night host David Letterman got $8,000, but gave it to charity. Even the estate of the legendary penny pinching comedian Jack Benny got a bigger piece of the government pie than sheep farmer Leo Tammi.

Tammi gets just $500 a year.

“Who’ulda thunk that I’m in the same club as some of the wealthiest individuals in the country?” says Tammi.

Nearly two million farmers don’t get a penny, but one farmers’ group says the subsidies are vital.

“We would rather see a few billionaires slip through the cracks and get payments versus seeing hardworking farmers not get the payments that they need,” says Tara Smith from the American Farm Bureau Federation.

There’s no truth to the rumor Pippen refused to apply for further subsidies upon learning Toni Kukoc had receved $289,001.00.