366 days ago, my house burned down, and with it, all of my stuff.  And a ferret that didn’t travel around the world to end up in a bad “Towering Inferno” remake..   I was inside, asleep when it happened.  To this day, I don’t know for sure how it happened.

At the risk of going all cornball on you, I’m pretty fucking happy to be alive and still being able to pretend there’s actually something important about about trying to get Howard Johnson fired.  I’m also overjoyed a couple of friends-at-the-time were either not present or weren’t physically injured.  And happiest of all the home’s co-owner wasn’t inside when the place went up.

People ask a ton of questions about the above incident and aftermath  so I’m posting the following in order to avoid much further discussion. I’m crazy grateful anyone cares and the support and understanding shown to me by pals all over the world — and especially those in the city of Austin — is something I’ll cherish long after I’ve forgotten my melted copy of The Desperate Bicycles “Smokescreen”.  OK, at least as long as I’ll remember my melted copy of The Desperate Bicycles “Smokescreen”.   To everyone who offered clothing, a place to crash, the loan of an automobile or yacht, I cannot thank you enough. Since there was no fund for homeless bloggers, I made contributions to the local chapter of the Red Cross and the Austin Humane Society and hope you’ll consider doing the same the next time you hear about an Austin resident who has experienced something similar.