I’ve followed Card Nilly from the begining and his character’s use of reason is just too adult content. I’m gonna have to block him.

I™d been meaning to say this yesterday, but it seems appropriate now ” I hate the Mets, since I spent my formative baseball years in the Pond Scum era. But I don™t really hate any of the individual Mets. They all seem like stand-up guys at the very least. The more I hear about and from guys like Cliff Floyd, the more firmly they get slotted into the œHe™s a Good Guy category in my feeble little brain. I still want them to lose, but it™s not as visceral a thing, you know?

That’s why Mr. Nilly is a far more, sophisticated and mature person than I. You see, collectively, I have nothing against the Cardinals or their fans. Individually, however, I’d like to see a few of them suffer greatly.

The New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin confirms that Chris Carpenter is Tony La Russa’s choice to start Friday’s Game Two.  Does anyone dare doubt the superior intellect of the St. Louis manager?  How many mere mortals would’ve looked at the calendar and decided that using the only intimidating member of their starting rotation twice in a best-of-7-series  — once the weather guaranteed he’d have enough rest — was the right move?

If I’m Willie Randoph, I’m OD’ing on ginkgo biloba for the next several days. The mental mismatch must be terrifying.

Enjoy the game, my friends. I’ll be checking in from chilly section 45 shortly.