Hardly content with being the Towering Terror Of Twitter, Shaquille O’Neal has added (primitive) photoshop skills to his creative arsenal, writes the Los Angeles TImes’ Mark “Funky Cold” Medina.

O’Neal spent most of Sunday directly messaging fans on Twitter on topics such as the goofy photo he posted on Twitter during Game 1 of the NBA Finals of what a Howard and Stan Van Gundy child would look like. He tweeted 72 fans before Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

To Tory_Wds after being asked to compare Howard to himself in his prime: “he’s pretty good I dnt comparte dats not my job I just make peopleb laugh.”

To proefound after being asked why he’s a “bullying big brother to Howard,” presumably for calling him “an impostor”: “tough love will make him toughjer look deep into the message I know what I’m doin why hate what u create.”

O’Neal even posted another goofy photo, this one of what he would look like with vampire fangs. He tweeted, “I will get my teeth surgically done like this before I change, laugh people its not dat serious.”