I’m not sure which is more shocking — the thorough thumping Sports On My Mind’s D.K. Wilson delivered to ESPN Radio’s Mike Greenberg, or the fact Mike Golic comes off as the more thoughtful of the pair.

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic entered into a In a discussion Monday  about œthe steroid era and how so many baseball writers want to selectively eliminate certain players they arbitrarily feel took steroids or performance-enhancing drugs.

Golic rightly said that if voters want to keep suspected PED users out of the game or create a special wing for players who are suspected of using PEDs, they need or needed to do the same for players who used or were suspected of using amphetamines, players who corked bats, and scuffed baseballs. But the big one, Golic intimated, is racism. The former NFL players said that if people think using amphetamines did not greatly aid players they are fooling themselves. He also said that racism absolutely needs to be addressed by baseball writers; that because of racism in MLB we will never truly know how good any of the players from the œSegregation Era were.

Mike Greenberg then dismissed Golic™s statements about racism in total by saying baseball has created a special wing for the Black players who were active during the Segregation Era. From that moment on Greenberg never mentioned racism as one of baseball™s more sordid œeras.

That the separate wing is for those men who were forced to play in a separate league – Negro Leagues – from the majors just to make a living playing the game is an act so egregious that the Baseball Hall of Fame should be boycotted daily.

The simple fact is that the special wing should be for the White players who compiled their statistics and played their careers separate from Black players, not the other way around. Think about it.

Does any baseball writer, any fan, or Greenberg want there to be a special wing for the so-called victims who would be the players who made it to the Hall but did not use PEDs? Obviously not.

So why is there a special wing for the victims of racism in baseball? Because baseball, like the rest of our society, like Greenberg specifically, is inherently racist.