(cake pic taken from—where else? === Need For ‘Sheed)

Not only did I miss the D-League’s Austin Toros winning their season opener last night while watching Rayon Beach make their Trailer Space debut, but I also didn’t catch Rasheed Wallace scoring 15 points off the bench in Boston’s defeat of Toronto.  Never one to mince words, ‘Sheed took issue with a 2nd quarter foul drawn by the floptastic Hedo Turkoglu, with the following post-game protest occurring hours after Wallace was teed-up by Ed Malloy.  From the Boston Globe’s Frank Dell’Apa :

œI didn™t use no profanity, I just said, ˜He™s a flopper,™ ™™ Wallace said after Boston™s 116-113 victory at TD Garden. œAnd [Malloy] gave me a tech for that. The league should make that a rule – flopping.

œIt™s not like I threw my shoulder into him, or it was a hard push, or real hard contact. Come on, now. Showing on a pick, I™m already there, he touches me – ˜Ohh,™ he acts like I shot him or something. ˜Ohh.™ That™s not basketball, man, that™s not defense, that™s garbage, that™s what it is.™™

Paul Pierce and coach Doc Rivers also were hit with technicals, following a Pierce dunk early in the fourth quarter that sent the Raptors™ Chris Bosh sprawling.

œIt™s watered down, with all that flopping [stuff],™™ Wallace said.

œThey set rules on us to the point where you™re taunting. When Paul dunked it and then, Paul didn™t say nothing, he just looked at him. Let The Golden Child do that or one of the NBA [Basketball] Without Borders kids do that and it™s all fine and dandy.™™

Asked if he was referring to Cleveland™s LeBron James, Wallace said, œTake a guess,™™.