The New York Post’s Joel Sherman has a long list of targets — desirable and otherwise — for the New York Mets to pursue this winter. Amongst those he’s bullish on include closers Billy Wagner and B.J. Ryan, and the bold proposition that Jose Vidro or Nomar Garciaparra might be open to playing first base. But Sherman is dead set against the acquisition of a thin, single and ready-to-mingle catcher with Hall Of Fame credentials.

The Mets need a catcher, and Omar Minaya has shown an inclination to pursue players with whom he has history (think Sammy Sosa), and he has history with I-Rod. Rodriguez is whining he wants out of Detroit. But he has two years at $25 million left, drew 10 walks in 500 plate appearances, will be 34 with a lot of mileage on him, and is a prima donna. The Mets would be better served with the more team-oriented Ramon Hernandez and Bengie Molina, both free agents. Toby Hall might be getting too expensive for Tampa, and could provide a good pairing with Ramon Castro. Could the Mets emphasize offense and return Mike Jacobs behind the plate?

Sherman doesn’t seem to rank the Dodgers’ Jason Phillips as viable option, though perhaps that’s because he’s seen Phillips play.