As if we needed another reminder that at the end of the day, the NBA commissioner works for the owners, not the other way around (provided they’re not Donald Sterling), Adam Silver was asked if he’d prefer James Dolan (above) not label Anucha Browne-Sanders a liar and a scam artist. As quoted by the New York Post’s Tim Bontemps, Silver told reporters, ““I think it’s important that, whether it’s Isiah Thomas or Jim Dolan, that they let the world, and sports fans, know how they feel.”

“I think no, it’s not great to see and hear those issues being rehashed, but I think specifically in the case of Isiah Thomas, and I’ll focus on him, because he’s actively involved in the Liberty and WNBA right now … for our fans, for people who follow the industry, I think it’s important that you represent yourself publicly,” Silver said.

“We’re in a public industry, I’ve talked a lot about transparency, and while I think name-calling doesn’t help, I think if there are issues that haven’t been addressed historically, and he’s an active participant in one of our leagues, I actually think it’s beneficial that he be out there and frankly expose himself to the scrutiny of the media.

“It’s your guys’ jobs and if you want to question him, it’s appropriate and he should answer, as well. I don’t want to dwell on those issues, but I don’t view it as a negative to air those issues publicly.”