The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick, on his continued crusade for those who can’t stay awake.

Doesn’t matter that the second half of Game 7 of the Suns-Clippers began at 12:20 a.m., Monday night/Tuesday morning – we know this only because we woke up in time to see it – there are those who still habitually identify NBA commissioner David Stern as “a marketing genius.”.

I dunno about “marketing genius”, but surely the Commish is aware that “12:20am” for Phil is in fact, 9:20pm for fans living in Los Angeles and Phoenix. I’m not sure how much marketing savvy is required for the television networks and major sporting leagues to completely kowtow to the sleepy schedules of East Coast sports journalists, but once, a little common sense, please. There are people west of the Misssissippi River who watch basketball, too, and some of them are prevented from viewing a 4:30pm local tip-off because they have jobs.