It’s no secret that I kinda like Bob Raissman’s column in the New York Daily News, and with today’s entry, I cannot help but fantasize how much better the Greenburgh Police Department would be run if Bob were elected Sheriff. Sort of like Buford Pusser in “Walking Tall” (or for you kids, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in “Walking Tall”). Sure, there’d be some kind of bloody standoff in the end, perhaps with Steve Mills and Isiah Thomas lying dead on the floor of an abandoned cookie factory, James Dolan attempting to fight off Raissman with an axe handle, etc., but what else do we have to look forward to?

On Tuesday “the Knicks,” which is just a euphemism for James Dolan (no suit in that organization would dare make a decision without first getting his approval), called on the Greenburgh police department to remove a small group of reporters – and a photographer – who were standing near an employee parking lot at the team’s training facility waiting for Larry Brown.

The police responding to “the Knicks’ ” request actually threatened to make arrests for trespassing. This was a waste of taxpayer money. It was nothing more than a billionaire bully using the police to harass – and intimidate – a group of reporters trying to do their jobs.Calling on the police to tell five people, albeit desperadoes heavily armed with notebooks and pens, which to Dolan are weapons of mass destruction, is just another warped decision authored by the Dolan regime.

The image of police arriving at Knicks camp to remove these dangerous characters from a parking lot overshadowed the truly pathetic sight of college kids, who came to the Knicks’ facility to participate in workouts, having to answer questions about how Brown coached. Or how he interacted with Isiah Thomas.