Radar Online (link swiped from Defamer) on Val Kilmer’s Paul Newman-esque line of organic foodstuffs.

In Kilmer’s case, the revenue would be earmarked not for charities but to support his lavish lifestyle. “It will all be 100 percent organic, 100 percent profit,” he says. “Here’s why: I like my GTO convertible. And if you’ve got a vintage car, you’ve got upkeep. I have two gorgeous children. My son’s school costs more per year than my four years at Juilliard, plus rent and airfare back and forth.”

I can sympathize. So much so, that after David Pinto gets his cut from CSTB’s advertising revenues, I’m going to send an additional 5% to Val.  Based on the video evidence below, he needs the money far more than I do.