Move over, Jerome From Manhattan.  Take a hike, Eli of Westchester.  STAY DEAD, Doris from Rego Park.  Your places in WFAN lore are threatened by the mysterious”Anthony From Hoboken”, a John Calipari-loving shill revealed last night by Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski.

Though Kentucky head coach Calipari has since denied any interest in succeeding Knicks interim head coach Mike Woodson, Wojanarowki seems to think the craven, control-freaky Cal (“he loves that NBA lifestyle, loves the money, loves the biggest stage of all”) and clueless-about-hoops James Dolan are a perfect match , though there is the not so small matter of the former’s ego.

When John Calipari ruled as general manager and coach of the New Jersey Nets, one of the interns within the team’s basketball operations had come to expect his frantic, flustered boss to deliver a most vain order. Calipari became obsessed with the callers to the midday New York radio show ripping into him, and orchestrated a counter propaganda program.

And so was born “Anthony from Hoboken,” several team sources said. Anthony was a staunch, defiant and fictional advocate for the eventually exiled Emperor of East Rutherford. He made calls to WFAN out of the Nets’ offices, telling metropolitan New York that he was one fan who couldn’t understand all the criticism heaped on Calipari.

“Come on man, Cal’s doing a great job.”