Pat Riley? Ken Lay? Steve Karsay?

With all due respect to the above candidates, Nationals third string C Matt LaCroy is the clear winner. LeCroy was pulled in the middle of the visitors’ 7th inning Thursday after committing a pair of throwing errors and having allowed seven Astros stolen bases.

Though DC would hang on to win the game, 8-5 (yet another crap performance by Andy Pettitte, 3 IP, 8 hits, 7 runs), Washington manager Frank Robinson (above, right) was in tears afterwards. I think that’s a totally reasonable reaction to having to put Robert Fick in a game at any point in time.

The Royals blew a 6-0 lead this evening and squandered 3 first inning home runs against Detroit, en route to losing their 13th consecutive game, a contest eventually won by the Tigers, 13-8. I-Rod had 5 RBIs, and more importantly (ladies), he’s still single. No lead is safe when you have Ambiorix Burgos on your staff. I’d have nominated Buddy Bell for Worst Thursday, except for the following cavaets. For one, he’s having a shitty spring. For another, considering he’s still employed, things could be a lot worse

Roch Kubatko might think he’s a big shot, attending the same fitness center as John Mackey, but I’m not impressed. I was in an airline terminal today when Butch Huskey was paged. Top that, Kubatko!

Though I doubt VH1 Classic’s decision to show the video for Guns’n’Roses’ “November Rain” video this week was in any way inspired by Axl’s recently slapfest with Tommy Hilfiger, the frequent replays were pretty enlightening. I don’t wanna get all Miss Manners on anybody, but bad enough that Duff, Matt and Gilby couldn’t manage to wear anything formal to Axl and Stephanie Seymour’s lavish wedding….was it really necessary for Slash to smoke throughout the ceremony?

There’s also the continuity problem of Slash wearing a different ensemble during the wedding and when he strides out of the church wielding a Les Paul.

Other than that, however, everything else in the video makes perfect sense.

Congrats to the Atlantic League’s Newark Bears on coming up with “Bird Flu Awareness Night”, even if it just represents another chance to imply that Camden is festering with disease.