Korea 3, Japan 2

With absolutely nothing on the line (both teams advanced to the second round after each going 2-0 to start the tournament), Korea and Japan hooked up for what had to be the greatest early morning television I’ve seen since WBZ’s Community Auditions.

(Korea’s Seung Yeop Lee, hitting a 2 run HR off Japan’s Hirotoshi Ishii in the 8th inning).

Not to crank up the hype machine too much, but this might’ve been the biggest moment in Mr. Koo’s career since he embarrassed Randy Johnson. And the biggest moment in Chan Ho Park’s career since the last time he cashed a paycheck with Tom Hicks’ signature on it.

If anyone considers this competition meaningless, consider the following words from Japan’s Ichiro Suzuki :

“I should feel ashamed after the defeat,” Ichiro said, later adding, “If I am satisfied with these results, I should quit baseball.”

Harsh words from a guy whose team can still win the WBC.

The Marlins have released Pokey Reese following the infielder’s recent disappearance. No point in having too many veterans on in the starting lineup.