Seeing as our CSTB Cubs correspondent may not be availed of wi-fi in the police lockup at Belmont and Western, I thought I might contribute helpfully on the matter of the Cubs playoff opener 7-2 loss at the hands of the Dodgers last night.

I have written that I endorse wholeheartedly the prospect of a 2008 Cubs pennant.  My reason for this is a simple wish to settle the Crosstown series on the world stage, and in obtaining that second ring in three seasons, give birth finally to a White Sox Nation.

However, last night has demonstrated the Cubs have a capacity for defeat on the baseball diamond heretofore unnoticed.  Huddled against the cold, the normally astute Lou Piniella did not reach for the bullpen phone and passively allowed Ryan Dempster to walk seven batters before giving up a slam, the lead, and the enthusiasms of the attending crowd of currency traders.

To these silenced fans, I exhort: Bankers!  Speculators!  Griffins and swells!  This is no time for mopery!  Your tickets bought you admission to a game of baseball, and those players on the field need you more than ever.  Upon it, they are struggling in an athletic contest, where the outcome is undetermined.  Many of you, not having personally experienced such conditions are understandably confused, even frightened.  There, there.

Buck up, Cub Nation, you have little to worry about.  Outside of last year’s playoffs, the Cubs are simply not in the habit of dropping three straight games to be eliminated from postseason play.  And last year was just that: last year.  This year is last year’s next year.  There can be no comparison:  except for Piniella, Zambrano, Wood, Wuertz, Marmol, Theriot, Soto, Lee, DeRosa, Soriano, Ramirez, Cotts, Dempster, Blanco, Cedeno, Fontenot, Hill, Ward, Pie, Guzman, Howry, Hart, Lily, Marquis and Marshall, the 2008 Cubs are an entirely different team than the one that dropped three straight games to a NL West team in the playoffs last year.

Don’t disinterestedly wander away from your project, Cub fans.  That’s not very Chicago.  And Chicago is the name on that team, if not your vehicle stickers.