When past and present owners have included the likes of Tim Hardaway and Ann Iverson, it isn’t as though the American Basketball Association is desperate for credibility, no sir.

So with the news that former Pistons great / Tom Arnold associate John Salley is the league’s newest commissioner, I am confident that before long, the ABA will be challenging some of this nation’s other more minor-than-minor leagues for your entertainment dollar. At the current rate, they’ll soon have more teams than America has cities, and as another hoops commissioner could tell you, there’s strength in numbers.

Speaking to SI.com’s Alexander Wolff, Salley said of the challenge ahead,

“I love to laugh and giggle and smoke cigars and drink cognac. But I have a reputation and a name. My father taught me never to embarrass my name. Growing up it was always funny enough with the name Salley.

“‘John Salley, didn’t he have the ABA? Didn’t Isiah have the CBA?’ I’m not gonna embarrass my name. If you’re not ready, I will take your team from you.”

Hey laugh all you want, but he’s at least as qualified as Gary Bettman.