Though WEEI’s Whiney Awards took place last night, there was no shortage of whining on the station last week, as one Boston cable fixture unloaded on another. From John Molori’s Media Blitz.

Last Friday on WEEI™s œDennis and Callahan show, FSN œNew England Sports Tonight (NEST) host Greg Dickerson (above, left) verbally bashed and belittled Ed Berliner (right), host of CN8™s œSports Pulse.

Berliner™s show is on opposite Dickerson and Tanguay at 10:00 p.m. On WEEI, Dickerson and Gerry Callahan verbally jibed Berliner. Callahan jokingly wondered on what channel Berliner™s show runs. Both Callahan and Dickerson compared Berliner to Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell™s witless character from the movie œAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Dickerson mocked Berliner™s deep voice and deliberate style, doing a spot on impression of the CN8 personality asking Red Sox GM Theo Epstein a question. Both Callahan and Dickerson compared Berliner unfavorably to fictional TV anchorman Ted Baxter.

Dickerson stated, œTed Baxter is an Emmy Award winning anchor compared to Ed Berliner.

Berliner refused to elaborate in response to Dickerson™s tirade, but did say that there was no particular incident that led to Dickerson™s on-air bashing. Regarding Dickerson, Berliner would only say, œI don™t respond to petty jealousy.