From today’s Chicago Tribune (link courtesy Scott Comeau) :

America’s sweetheart, Drew Barrymore, behaved like a drunken sailor at a recent Mets game–drinking, smoking and cussing up a storm in front of an appalled family, one former fan of the actress claims.

Michael Delvecchio, who was in an adjacent luxury box, told the New York Daily News: “Her image is of this sweet, down-to-earth girl, but she was the exact opposite. She was drinking and smoking like a chimney with her boyfriend [the Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti] and their friends, so we asked the security guard to tell her to put out her cigarette because there were young children present, but she just kept on doing it.”

Delvecchio also said Barrymore berated one of his friends for taking her picture.

(Ms. Barrymore, shown here preparing to kill the family-friendly vibe at a Toronto Blue Jays game, circa 2004)

Could there possibly be more shocking news that a famous actress and rock musician were seen drinking and cursing at a Mets game? Celebrities or not, what else are you supposed to do when Danny Graves is pitching?