From the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory):

“Boy, the comeback of Jason Giambi – one of the great stories in baseball,” Sterling gushed. “. . . He’s back. There’s no more questioning it. What a force he is . . . He took the blows. They rained down on him, and you know what, he hung in there and he’s all the way back.”

Believe it or not, Suzyn (Georgie Girl) Waldman once “rained down” one of those “blows” on Giambi. Before the season, on WFAN, she called him a cheater. Since then, and again on Sunday, she was mute as Sterling ran his mouth. This either means Waldman agrees with her partner, buying the party line, or doesn’t have the guts to challenge Sterling, whom she placates – and shills with – far too often.

On Al Yank TV, Michael Kay (“a lot of us didn’t think he would come all the way back”) played the poor, poor Jason card. Kay related an interview with Giambi in California where the Giambalco said his critics already had “picked out my tombstone.”

Kay: “I asked him do you hold grudges? Do you know the people who said it? He (Giambi) goes: ‘I took some attendance in my head.'”