While the Cleveland Plain-Dealer claims that Pacers assistant Mike Brown is likely to be named the new head coach of the Cavaliers, the paper’s Roger Brown reports on a veteran with championship experience, seemingly desperate to hang on in any capacity.

Former Cavs reserve Scott Williams might be angling for a job as a team broadcaster, but word is he™ll need major repair work if he hopes to replace Mark Price as the Cavs™ cable analyst next season.

The soon-to-retire Williams, who played in just 19 games with the Cavs last season (and none after being put on the injury list in February), has been reportedly lobbying for a job as a team broadcaster. That role is available with Price™s decision not to return as FSN Ohio™s Cavs analyst.

However, Cavs management apparently remains miffed at how Williams asked to leave the team as last season wound down and the club choked away a once-sure playoff spot.

Sources whisper that Williams has been working to soothe the Cavs™ bruised feelings. They suggest that it wasn™t by accident that during a recent appearance as a NBA TV analyst, Williams effusively praised Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and strongly defended Gilbert against criticism that he meddles too much.