The Mighty MJD (subbing for Screechy) says of Coors’ advertising,

I can™t get enough of Pete Coors standing alone in the woods. That guy creeps me out. Maybe it™s just me, but I think he™s got some deep, dark secret out there.

I’m sure the Human Whoopie Cushion’s understudy meant to point out that NFL’s ad revenues are propped up by a company whose public face is guy who ran for the US Senate promising he’d support a federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Wrote Salon’s Joe Conanson during Coors’ unsuccessful ’04 campaign,

Pete Coors courts female voters, boasting endorsements from Republican and corporate women’s groups. Women in Colorado might be taken aback, though, if they understood his foundation’s commitment to fighting against women’s rights. Both the Castle Rock and Coors foundations have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Independent Women’s Forum — a group of conservative women whose role is to undermine legal protections for their own gender. So extreme is the IWF that its leaders opposed the landmark Violence Against Women Act, complaining that such federal protections encourage women to “distrust” men.

And of course, his great-grandfather was named Adolph.