The Philly Inquirer’s Joe Juliano points to a possible sign and trade deal between the Sixers and Suns, with the latter capturing G John Salmons. With the T-Wolves’ acquisition of Mike James, The Toronto Star’s Doug Smith suspects the Raptors are interested, too.

It’s thought the Suns are offering a first-year salary of about $3.7 million (all figures U.S.) ” all they can offer under the league’s arcane salary cap rules ” while Toronto can offer a much greater financial package to the 26-year-old guard.

Salmons would appear to be exactly the kind of guard that Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo has had his eye on since the free-agent negotiation period began July 1.

At 6-foot-6, he’s big enough to play shooting guard or even small forward and can play point guard in a pinch as a third-stringer. On a Raptors roster that’s heavy on forwards ” Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani, Morris Peterson, Joey Graham and the soon-to-be-acquired free agents Jorge Garbajosa and, perhaps, Anthony Parker, there is a void at shooting guard.

Excitement in the Twin Cities surrounding the signing of James is running slightly ahead of the weekly soundscan totals for the new Soul Asylum album. There you go, Aaron Gleeman, not one Paul Bunyan mention.

Far too often, celebs and sportsmen are accused of sexual assault and said stories are plastered all over the front page. But who has the courage to so prominently mention an instance when the charges are dropped? Salutations to Wizznutzz, and congratulations to Kwame Brown, who as of this writing, is not a sex criminal.