While predictably lambasting the NFL for its decision to stage a New Orleans Saints home game at Giants Stadium this week, the San Antonio Express’ David Flores proposes that commissioner Paul Tagliabue having dissed San Antonio, should visit the city before the Saints play their games at the Alamodome.

I suggest you come a day or two early and get a flavor of San Antonio’s rich history and culture. You will see a vibrant city steeped in tradition, yet ready to reach new heights in the 21st century.

Sure, we have our problems, but what big city doesn’t? We still have too many high school dropouts and too much poverty ” and there’s a correlation, of course ” but there is no denying San Antonio is on the rise.

Thanks, Dan. When the league and Tom Benson eventually decide to relocate the Saints to Los Angeles, at least you’ll know you warned them they were passing up a town a town full of poverty-stricken dropouts.