Saturday began with 3 unbeaten Division One teams and ended with none ; the defeats of Duke and Pittsburgh were followed by this evening’s convincing drubbing of Florida (17-0 prior to now) at the hands of Tennessee.

As one of those who eyewitnessed the Volunteers’ clinical dispatch of Texas last month, I was hardly shocked. Certainly nothing on the level of No. 13 Wisconsin falling to North Dakota State, rather something more akin to Billy Donovan channeling Ralph Fiennes’ dependable, if sleepy performance in “The Chumscrubber”. We wait, wait, wait, wait for something spectacular to happen, but someone has kidnapped David Lee and that’s about as sad as it gets.

I’m not saying that UMass’ easy win over offensively challenged Temple messed with the John Chaney’s mind or anything, but I’m pretty sure that Nehemiah Ingram was ordered to break Black Francis’ arm in the closing minutes.