“Whatever happened to the good old days, when hand signals actually stood for something meaningful?” asks CBS Sports’ Ben Golliver of the Miami Heat’s new practice of pinching their fingertips on the sideline (“I carefully investigated this chart and determined that they are not making the American Sign Language sign for any of the 26 letters in the alphabet”).  Denouncing Golliver as “a douche”, the erudite Rizzmiggizz of Miami Heat Nation replies, “I don’t even care what it means, I just think it’s HILARIOUS”

its OBVIOUSLY a middle finger to the haters – and it pisses them off THEY CAN’T PROVE IT!!!! It’s been sworn to such secrecy, that even the recently cut Patrick Beverly, refuses to talk. Seriously, people have killed, and cracked faster than these dudes. Whatever it means, it’s as funny to the Heat, as it is frustrating to the haters – and that makes it GENIUS.