In a town where Howie Carr and Gerry Callahan have newspaper columns, it takes some doing to have raised a stink over a non-issue as small as the one below. WEEI’s Butch Stearns (above), at Fox Boston (link swiped from Boston Sports

Have you seen the new television commercial involving new Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka? If you haven’t, simply search the Internet for “Matsuzaka and Asahi beer ad.”

The ad is very well-produced and hip. But in my opinion, there is a problem with it. When you watch it, you will see Dice-K donning a Red Sox #18 uniform and you will also see him “super-imposed” in that uniform pitching at Fenway Park.

However, in the ad, you will also see him “chugging a very large Asahi beer.” He’s not wearing the Sox uniform when he drinks the beer down to the bottom of the glass, but if I’m the Red Sox, I’m not sure that the action of “chugging a beer” is an image or action that I want one of my players promoting?

There is a division of Major League Baseball called Major League Baseball International that handles all business involving “international ballplayers” playing in the major leagues.

MLB International obviously approved the ad to run in Japan, and as I previously mentioned, it is perfectly legal for it to run in Japan. But, in my opinion, legal doesn’t make it right.

It’s legal to burn a flag in this country, but does that make it right?

With the Internet these days, Japan is not the only place this ad is running. My guess is that, even if it were legal in this country, the Red Sox would not want Josh Beckett or Jonathan Papelbon (their other 26-year-old star pitchers) “chugging a beer” in an advertisement and promoting all that goes along with that image. So, shouldn’t they be concerned about doing it overseas?

I’m sorry.  There’s only one Mr. Butch qualified to pass commentary on what’s happening in Kenmore Square, and it isn’t Stearns.